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Semi-Private Training

We design a program built around YOU and YOUR GOALS!

These are REAL programs with REAL results.

This is ALL about YOU!

As a member, this program is a unique roadmap to your own set of goals, your body type and your level of fitness.

We provide a complete individualized program and a highly qualified fitness coach who will walk you through every step of the way on the path toward achieving your personal goals. One size does not fit all! Just as we all require a specific shoe size; we all require a specific program. Everyone has specific goals and a specific body. For customized results you need a customized program.

OmniSport offers a scientific alternative. We get faster results. We get better results. Using the application of science one of our program design specialists will develop a customized approach to fitness, health, physique enhancement and well-being.

Appropriate Cardiovascular Activity: Only the correct amount of cardiovascular work at the correct intensity will work for your goal. Doing the wrong type, at the wrong level for the wrong time may not only be useless but can actually work against your efforts.

Appropriate Resistance Training: Muscle is the body's fat burning machinery. Resistance training helps to build and maintain a good fat burning engine.

Professional Assistance and Scientific Manipulation of the above: This is where most people go wrong. No program works for everyone and no program will work forever. As your body changes, so too must your program change. As your body changes and adapts, so does your program which will allow you to continue to see optimal results.

General Nutrition Guidelines to follow: As part of our membership, we will also give you an OmniSport nutrition journal completed with simple guidelines of exactly what you should eat to reach your goals. Follow the plan laid out for you, fill out the journal and bring it in to your coach and you will not fail!