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It is rare to find a coach that cares about his clients' well-being and the service his staff provides like Josh Raphael at OmniSport. Being able to deliver high quality and science based training in a fun training environment is something that is hard to replicate and Josh has done a great job in establishing that as the core at OmniSport.

~ Josh Henkin, CSCS-Owner Innovative Fitness Solutions and Creator of the DVRT, Ultimate Sandbag Training System

During my time as the National Strength and Conditioning Association's State Director, I found few that took as many seminars as Josh to increase their skill and knowledge for their clients. It's more than strength for Josh, its applying corrective movements, proper biomechanics and an overall plan of care beyond body fat percentage. I would highly recommend him.

~ Dr. Davis Koh, MBA, DPT, GCS, CSCS, President- USC Physical Therapy Alumni Association