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Josh Raphael714-734-8727

Managing Partner, OmniSport: Fitness & Performance
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Style: The Difference Maker

My passion is helping people realize what they never thought possible - teaching them the techniques to be stronger, move better, longer and more efficiently.

Certifications FMS Level 1, NASM-CPT, NASM-CES, NASM-PES, DVRT-Sandbag Master Instructor, Battling Ropes Level 1 Coach, NCSF-CPT, AFAA-CPT, TRX

Specialties: Functional Movement Screening, Battling Ropes, Corrective Exercise, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Kettlebells, Balance, Strength and Power Training, Sandbags, Program Design and Group Training.

Experience: Twelve years personal training of a clientele varying from the gym beginner to the pro athlete. Thirteen years coordinating and teaching nationwide football camps to athletes of all ages and abilities as a Senior Instructor with ProKicker.com.

Backstory: Josh was obsessed with athletic activities as a child and had talent in many. He competed on numerous sporting teams all the way through high school then went on to Concordia University, St. Paul, MN, where he was voted a captain of the football team and, most importantly, discovered he had a passion for helping others achieve personal success.

An injury brought his dreams of playing in the NFL to an abrupt finish, and disrupted his regular fitness regime, which led to his gaining a significant amount of weight (for a while he was tipping the scales at over 300lbs). But Josh did not let this destroy his ambition. Instead he took stock of what he enjoyed most-physical activities-and what he was exceptionally good at-mentoring-and became a certified personal trainer.

Josh has no regrets with this decision. He lost over 80lbs, and has spent the last 12 years honing his professional skills through advanced classroom instruction and counseling by elite Physical Therapists, Orthopedists, and Strength Coaches. In 2012 he and his business partner proudly opened OmniSport: Fitness & Performance.

Clay Jones714-734-8727

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Style: The Form Crusader

My approach is to first address any improper movement patterns and/or structural imbalances. From there, strength training and high intensity interval training is incorporated to increase the health of my clients and to aid them attain, and often exceed their fitness goals.

Education: B.S. Kinesiology, California State University, Fullerton-emphasis in Strength and Conditioning


Specialties: Corrective Exercise, Strength and Power Training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Metabolic Conditioning, Program Design, and Sports Nutrition.

Experience: Ten years personal training of a diverse clientele, designing individualized programs ranging from mobility/flexibility, strength and power, general fitness and fat loss, to endurance, hypertrophy, sport specific and cardiovascular conditioning.

Backstory: Originally from San Francisco, Clay was hooked on video games and comic books from a very early age. His interest in achieving a "superhero" physique however quickly became a lifelong goal and inspired his journey into the world of fitness.

As a freshman in high school Clay wrestled in the 145lbs weight division, but within four years he added 70lbs of lean muscle to his frame by eating right and training consistently.

At CSU Fullerton, Clay decided to turn his passion into his career. The insightful and expert staff within the Department of Kinesiology provided Clay with an exceptional education on how the body moves, while motivating him to become extremely effective in the field of professional fitness consultation.

Clay's success with his clients stems from his professionalism, respect, and integrity, as well as his unrelenting desire to help people become the best versions of themselves possible.

Ryan Adams714-734-8727

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Style: Mastering Your Own Domain

My approach is based on the belief that to be truly strong you must be in control of your own body in space. I start off most of my clients with breathing, flexibility, core control and proper range of motion exercises. I also implement pillars of sports psychology to get clients past the barriers that might be holding them back and keeping them from reaching their full potential.

Education: B.S. Kinesiology, California State University, Long Beach-emphasis in Sports Psychology and Coaching


Specialties: Lifestyle Coaching, Weight Loss, Core Development, Yoga, Fitness Fundamentals, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Visualization, Goal Setting, Program Design, and Sports Nutrition.

Experience: Eight years personal training and fitness management experience, including having helped clients lose up to 100 pounds, improve their sports performance, as well as rehabilitate from surgery and/or injury.

Backstory: Ryan was born in Huntington Beach into a fitness oriented family. Ryan's father was a competitive bodybuilder and his mother was an aerobics instructor. Ryan grew up understanding the cornerstones of nutrition, exercise, and most importantly, discipline.

Upon graduating high school Ryan caught the fitness bug and devoured any and all information about fitness; he began to train everyday and geared his whole life towards being healthy and enhancing his natural ability.

Once Ryan saw how much fitness changed his life, his journey of serving others began, and he has not looked back since.

Brandon Octavio714-734-8727

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Style: Dr. Discovery

My approach is part instructor and part advocate. I first identify what my client's desire; then tailor a program that will best produce the specific results they're striving to achieve. I aid them in realizing their goals, then take them to a level they never thought possible by instilling confidence in both their mental and physical abilities. I utilize my expertise in strength training, conditioning and rehab to inspire long-term and healthful fitness development.

Education: B.S. Kinesiology, California State University, Fullerton-emphasis in Clinical Exercise Science

Certifications DVRT Level 1 and 2, ACE-CPT, TRX, CPR/AED

Specialties: Corrective/Rehabilitative Exercise, Group Training, Strength and Power Training, Program Design.

Experience: Five years fitness and personal training of a wide-ranging clientele comprised of pre/post-operative patients, high school and collegiate athletes, sedentary individuals, as well as bikini and figure competitors.

Backstory: From a very early age Bandon's parent's instilled a sense of awareness in what his body needs and doesn't need, as well encouraged him to influence those around him to do the same. He first comprehended what this philosophy really meant when he attained the rank of Eagle Scout at age 15. As Senior Patrol Leader of Santa Clara County's Troop 264, Bandon aided many of his fellow-Scout's in overcoming the physical and mental challenges often associated with achieving a goal.

As captain of his high school wrestling team Brandon was given the Coaches Award for leadership and potential.

These life experiences impacted Brandon's decision to major in Kinesiology at college, as well as pursue a career in health and fitness.

Originally from San Jose, Brandon now resides in Fullerton where on most weekend nights you can find him line dancing and two stepping at The Ranch in Anaheim. Y'all should check out his moves - both on the dance floor and as a personal trainer.